• Do used tires have repairs?

    Yes 75% of most used tires have a repair all of our tires undergo extensive leak checks to ensure superior performance!

    All repairs are done to the highest quality professional standards!

  • Where do used tires come from?

    We get our tires from distributors all over the country and from auto dealer take-offs.

  • Why Is My Low Tire Pressure Light On?

    • One of your tires is low on air pressure
    • Your system may need resetting
    • You have a faulty sensor that needs repairing or replacement
  • My check engine light is on, What should I do?

    Schedule an appointment for an inspection and diagnostic.

  • What is a A/C service?

    General inspection of your a/c System as well as a Vacuum & Leak Check and recharge to proper refrigerant levels.

  • Do you perform exhaust work?

    We do minor repairs and component replacement or welding.

    We have a supplier for mufflers and converters and get our parts usually within a week.

  • How do I know if I need new brakes?

    Some issues such as noise, shaking when applying brakes, excessive heat, low brake fluid. as always we conduct a through inspection to determine the exact cause.

  • Why are my tires constantly wearing out?

    Most likely caused by an alignment issue.

    Before an alignment is done, We will perform a complete inspection on the suspension system including Tie-rod ends, Control arms, etc.

  • My vehicle is running rough do I need a tune-up?

    That is very likely the solution, but before we charge you for a tune-up we will run a diagnostic to ensure that is the proper solution.

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